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Town Board of Massena

Contact Information

Important Town of Massena Documents: Town of Massena Adopted Budget 2013, Town of Massena's Standard Work Day & Reporting Resolutions (posted 01/2014), Town of Massena’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program (posted 11/2011),  Local Government Exemption Impact Report (posted 10/2011)

Assessment Roll / Assessor's Office

2014 Calendar

New Airport Terminal Board Liaisons

Committee Appointments

Planning Board

Zoning Board

Massena Town Museum Board

Massena Public Library Board

Massena Memorial Hospital Board

Board of Review

Massena Electric Utility Board

Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit

Business Development Corporation Board

Massena Town Attorney


Meeting Schedules for all Town of Massena Boards:

Board Contact Phone Meeting Schedule Meeting Location
Library 769-9914 Monthly, 2nd Thursday - 6 PM Library
Museum 769-8571 Monthly, 1st Thursday - 7 PM Museum
Hospital 764-1711 Click for Schedule Hospital
Rescue Squad 764-1744 Monthly, 2nd Tuesday - 7 PM Town Hall
Massena Electric Dept 764-0253 Monthly, 3rd Thursday - 4 PM MED
Town Planning 769-8241 Monthly, 3rd Thursday - 5 PM Town Hall
Town Zoning 769-8467 Upon Request - 4:30 PM Town Hall
Town Board 769-5228 Monthly, 3rd Wednesday - 5:30 PM Town Hall
Recreation Commission 769-3161 Monthly, 2nd Tuesday - 3 PM Arena
Chamber of Commerce 769-3525 Monthly, 3rd Thursday - 12 PM Chamber
Business Development 769-8484 Monthly, 3rd Thursday - 5 PM Town Hall




Town Board of Massena

The Massena Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. It is the function of the Town Board to determine the types and levels of service to be provided in the Town. The Board annually prepares, holds discussion sessions and adopts the Town budget, which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Board passes resolutions and enacts local ordinances and laws that govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

The Town Board consists of five members - the Town Supervisor and four Councilpersons - who are elected by Town voters and represent the Town at large. Councilpersons and Supervisor serve a four-year term of office.

Contact Information

All written correspondence should be addressed to:

(Government Representative's Name)

Town of Massena

60 Main St. Rm 1

Massena, New York 13662





Joseph D. Gray, Supervisor
315-769-3588 (office)
315-769-0578 (fax)

Sam Carbone, Councilperson
315-769-0054 (home), scarbone64@gmail.com

John Macaulay, Councilperson
315-769-5227 (home), jmacaula@twcny.rr.com

Tom Miller, Councilperson

315-769-9417 (home), tmiller24@twcny.rr.com

Albert Nicola, Councilperson
315-764-0431 (home), anicola@twcny.rr.com





Important Town of Massena Documents

Town of Massena 2013 Adopted Budget - To download a PDF (60.7 KB) copy of the Adopted Budget for 2013, please CLICK HERE.

Standard Work Day & Reporting Resolution - By resolution voted on by the Massena Town Board, the Town has established standard work days for elected and appointed officials for reporting to NYS and Local Employees' Retirement System. CLICK HERE to download the 2014 Standard Work Day Report.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program - In accordance with the New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Act, the Town of Massena has developed a Workplace Violence Prevention Program. The Town of Massena is committed to providing its employees with a work environment that is safe, secure, and free from violence. The Town also considers the safety of its residents, vendors, contractors, and the general public to be of paramount importance and strives to provide them the same type of protections while on Town property. To view the complete Workplace Violence Prevention Program enacted by the Town Board by resolution on 10/21/2011, please CLICK HERE.

Local Government Exemption Impact Report - According to Real Property Tax Law (Chapter 258 of the Laws of 2008), the Town of Massena must post on its website a copy of our Local Government Exemption Impact Report which details any exempt properties located within the township, as well as any properties for which we receive Payment In Lieu of Taxes. You can CLICK HERE to access the 2011 report.


Assessment Roll / Assessor's Office

The current assessment roll for the Town of Massena is published by the St. Lawrence County's Real Property Office and can be found by clicking on the link, below.
2012 Assessment Roll

Questions and assistance regarding property assessments in Massena can be directed to the Assessor's Office.



Town Board Meetings & Schedule

Regular Meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Massena are held the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Town Hall. In the event that such date is a legal holiday, the meeting will be held the next business day.

Town Board 2013 Scheduled Meetings
All meetings are held on Wednesdays and open to the public.

Organizational Meeting
Association of Towns Meeting




Board Liaisons

There are 10 Boards to which the Town appoints members to serve as liaisons. Those liaisons are responsible for providing two-way communications between the Boards and the Town Government.


Councilmen Nicola & Carbone

Councilmen Miller & Carbone

Councilmen Nicola & Miller

Councilmen Nicola & Carbone

Councilmen Macaulay & Miller

Councilman Macaulay & Supervisor Gray

Coucilmen Carbone & Macaulay

Supervisor Gray

Councilman Nicola & Supervisor Gray

Supervisor Gray




Town Committee Appointments

In addition to their service as liaisons to various community boards, members of the Town Board are also appointed annually to serve on the following committees:

Councilmen Nicola & Supervisor Gray

Councilman Nicola & Supervisor Gray

Councilmen Nicola & Macaulay

Entire Town Board

Councilmen Macaulay & Miller



Town Planning Board

The Planning Board for the Town of Massena is responsible for the administration of the Planning Code and Subdivision Regulations for the properties located in the Town of Massena. Applications for subdivisions, and other appropriate site plan requests are filed with the Town Building Department at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting date.


Town of Massena Planning Board members currently include:

Name Address Phone Term Expires
Vance Fleury 6 Rivercrest Drive 769-2141 / 769-3530 12/31/15
Phil Treers 2 Meadowview Lane 769-8917 12/31/17
Bob Elsner 10 Irwin Drive 705-6387 12/31/18
David Grant 300 Carey Road 764-8268 12/31/14
Shawn Burke 273 S. Grasse River Road 769-3685 12/31/16

2013 Planning Board Meeting Schedule:
Please note that the Town Planning Board, Town of Massena, NY, has regularly scheduled meetings held on the third Thursday of each month starting at 5:00 p.m. If such date is a legal holiday, meetings will be held on the next business day.

All meetings will be open to the public.

A copy of the current planning code for the Town of Massen, NY can be viewed online at by CLICKING HERE. Please note that there may be some items that were recently adopted, but may still be going thru the codification process (to be entered into the code book as soon as possible). For information related to properties located within the Village of Massena, please CLICK HERE.

For additional questions or to submit an agenda item for the planning board contact:

Massena Building Department
Town Hall Building, 60 Main Street
Massena, New York 13662



fax :






Town Zoning Board

The Town of Massena Zoning Commission is responsible for the administration of the Town of Massena's Current Zoning Code. Applications for Zoning Permits and other Zoning related activities (Special Use Permit, Site Plans, Zone Changes, Amendments to the Zoning Regulations, etc.) are filed with the Building Office at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting date.

The current members of the Zoning Commission are:

Name Address Phone Term Expires
Robert Rufa 26 Nightengale Ave 769-8371 12/31/14
Terry Mossow 29 Nightengale Ave 764-1875 12/31/16
Lynn Smith 618 CR 42 764-1489 12/31/18
Harry Cullen 366 N. Racquette River Road 769-8467 12/31/17
Gary Hamilton 1 Highland Park 842-0193 12/31/15




Town Museum Board

Local history buffs will delight at the artifacts found in the Town’s Museum at 200 East Orvis Street. The facility is chocked full of items that illustrate our community’s rich heritage. The museum is also home to the Massena Aluminum Historical Association and its vast holdings spotlighting the Massena area’s special place in the history of the “miracle metal” which continues to employ so many today.

The original Museum Board, established in May of 1987, was set up to have the following member terms:

Pauline Boyce   Effective 1/1/88-12/31/92 (5 Year Term)
Robert Wheeler Effective 1/1/88-12/31/92(5 Year Term)
John Mullen Effective 1/1/88-12/31/91(4 Year Term)
Robert Johnson Effective 1/1/88-12/31/90(3 Year Term)
Geneva Molnar Effective 1/1/88-12/3190(3 Year Term)
Margaret Disotell   Effective 1/1/88-12/31/89(2 Year Term)
Godfrey Herweg Effective 1/1/88-12/31/88(1 Year Term)
(Upon expiration of the original terms, all subsequent appointments will be at least a 5-year term)


Current Museum Board Members: (7) members

Name Address Phone Term Expires
Pauline Boyce 17 Baldwin Ave 769-7451 12/31/17
Joseph Savoca 457 Leslie Rd, Apt 2 769-8009 12/31/14
David Talarico 37 Roosevelt St. 769-3413 12/31/16
W. John Davis 18 Nightengale Ave 764-0402 12/31/15
Sally Yeddo 15 N Allen St 769-2856 12/31/18
Joe Macaulay 11 Talcott St 769-2829 12/31/16
Ann Greene 38 Ransom Ave 769-9774 12/31/17

CLICK HERE to visit the Museum's Website for current information.

Museum Contact Information

Town Museum Historian: Mary Ellen Casselman

200 East Orvis Street

Massena, New York 13662








Massena Public Library Board

The Massena Public Library found its permanent home at 41 Glenn Street back in the early 1960s – thanks to a memorial gift of a son for his father. Victor, the son of Henry H. Warren (whose company built the first hydroelectric facility in Massena), set aside a sum of money so that a memorial could be erected for his father. A library was chosen as the ideal memorial to Henry Warren and, upon the completion of its construction in September of 1962, it was dedicated and given to the Town of Massena. Lynn Fountain is the Librarian for the Massena Public Library.

A five-member board is appointed by the Town to manage the investment made in the Public Library.

The current Library Board members include:

Name Address Phone Term Expires
Mark Englert 89 Ober Street 769-7450 12/31/18
Emily Hutchison 265 Roosevelt Road 842-8838 12/31/14
Robert Manning 196 E. Hatfield Street 769-3005 12/31/16
John Baines 130 N. Main Street 769-8460 12/31/15
Linda McDonald 41 Elm Street 769-6690 12/31/17

CLICK HERE to visit the Massena Public Library website.




Massena Memorial Hospital Board of Managers

Massena is privileged to have its own community hospital with a strong history of support. The Massena Memorial Hospital features 24-hour emergency care, surgical services, state of the art technology, laboratory and imaging services, 40 physicians on staff, the North Country Family Health Network, family-centered maternity center, community health programs, respiratory and physical therapy, nutritional counseling and telemedicine.

The Town of Massena appoints volunteer representatives from the community to the Massena Hospital Board of Managers.

The Current Members of the Hospital Board of Managers are:
Name Address Phone Term Expires
Paul Morrow 89 Old River Road 769-9808 12/31/16

Dr. Bedros Bakirtzian

271 Andrews St 764-5430 12/31/17
Susan Bellor 19 Churchill Ave 769-7128 12/31/16
Dave MacLennan 6 Rockaway St 764-0042 12/31/15
Real Coupal 13 Wellington Dr 705-4744 12/31/16
Gary Borgosz 20 Owl Ave 705-4712 12/31/17
Loretta Perez 21 Coventry Drive 769-7110 12/31/18
Melanie Cunningham 148 Horton Rd 769-0607 12/31/17
Scott Wilson 18 Meadow St 764-5043 12/31/18
Ed Hamel 44 Cornell Ave 769-5806 12/31/15
Edward Fay 16 Riverview Dr 769-8461 12/31/14
Christina Buckley PO Box 270, Brasher Falls 769-7486 12/31/14

CLICK HERE for 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Schedule

Board of Review

The Town Board appoints a five-member board for appointments lasting five years. Temporary members, when needed due to an extreme case load of reviews, are given one-year appointments. All appointments to the Board of Review are required to complete training.

Appointments and reappointments – including the names, addresses and phone numbers of the appointees – must be submitted to the Real Property Office in Canton, NY and to:

Robert J. Munro, IAO - NYS Div. Of Equalization & Assessment
Bureau Of Certification & Training
Sheridan Hollow Plaza
16 Sheridan Lane
Albany, New York 12210-2714

Presently, the Board of Review for the Town of Massena includes:

Name Address Phone Term Expires
Roger M. Bennett 30 Prospect Ave 764-1441 9/30/18
Eric Sharlow 20 Baldwin Ave 769-2036 9/30/16
Lisa Tyo 8 Prospect Circle 764-8717 9/30/15
John Acton 17 Riverside Pkwy 769-2556 9/30/17
David Bence 12 Merritt Ave 769-6183 9/30/14



Massena Electric Utility Board

Massena voters went to the polls in 1974 to determine the fate of a referendum that would see the creation of a municipal electric company for the community. In response to the support shown by voters, in May of that year the Town Board passed a resolution creating the Massena Electric Department (MED). The municipal electric utility began operations May 8, 1981. MED is managed by a volunteer Utility Board, appointed by the Town for five year terms.

Current members of the Massena Electric Utility Board include:

Name Address Phone Term Expires
James Shaw (Chair) 27 Route 43 769-2088 12/31/14
Richard Maginn 253 Andrews St 769-2221 12/31/15
John Bogosian 20 Forest Place 769-8994 12/31/16
Richard Blais 16 Pleasant St 769-7989 12/31/17
Rene Hart Trippany Road 769-6546 12/31/18




Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit - Board of Managers




Term Expires

Roger M. Bennett 30 Prospect Ave 764-1441 12/31/17
Patrick Peets 244 River Rd 769-2980 12/31/14
Ed Hamel 179 S. Grasse River Rd 769-8257 12/31/15
Lenore Levine 25 Prospect Dr. 769-9946 12/31/16
Dana Paduano 66 Highland Ave 842-8540 12/31/18



Business Development Corp for a Greater Massena

The Business Development Corporation for a Greater Massena (BDC) is a combined entity of the Village and Town. The BDC Board oversees operations at the Massena Industrial Park and contributes to the overall economic growth and development of the greater Massena community. The Corporation is funded annually by the Village and the Town with the funds being used to assist existing businesses as well as fostering new development.

Director - Tom Sullivan 769-8484

Office is located at 85 Robinson St. (Dept. of Public Works Bldg.)

A total of seven members serve on the BDC Board – they serve three-year terms and are appointed equally by the Village and the Town (one is a joint appointment).

Current members of the BDC Board of Directors include:


Appointed By



Term Expires

Dan Pease Town 61 Marie St 769-7790 12/31/15
Ron Bacon (Vice President) Town 12 Route 43 769-8110 12/31/16
David Laclair (Secretary) Town 303 Haverstock Rd 842-2254 12/31/14
Chris Herrick (Treasurer) Joint 4 Owl Ave 769-6778 12/31/14
Christa Makdouli Village 21 Clark St 764-0906 12/31/14
Paul Rufa Village 19 Chestnut St 769-5807 12/31/15
Larry Ralston (President) Village 20 Brighton St 769-0996 12/31/16



Massena Town Attorney

The attorney currently appointed to represent the Town of Massena is:

Eric Gustafason
40 Main Street, Massena NY 13662
Phone 315-769-3898
Fax 315-769-5018.


Town of Massena - 60 Main St. Rm 1 - Massena, NY 13662 - 315.769.3588 - Email Us

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